Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowman for Nicholas!

Since the beginning of winter Nicholas has been talking about a snowman and saying he wants to make one etc etc. Obviously living in Corpus Christi, this is never going to happen.  Nicholas' grandpa aka "Da-Do" went to Oklahoma this week and he made Nicholas a snowman at Great Papaw Smith's house. Nicholas is thrilled with the snowman pics and keeps begging to go to Papaw Smiths so he can help Da-Do make a snowman!  Poor Texas Coastal Bend child!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas

Well the boys are napping so I thought I would create a family blog for lack of anything better to do!  We had a great Christmas yesterday.  Nicholas got lots of toys, which if you've ever been to my house you know he didn't need.  But, it was fun and I got a new flip video cam and the new Wii Fit Plus.  I really need to get started on that one.  I have had numerous sweets this holiday season.  We are looking forward to traveling to Baytown to see our families, where Nicholas will get countless more unneeded toys!  But hey, you're only two once right?  Then we are headed to Jasper for my great-grandma's 100th birthday!  So pray for our safe travel and I will try to keep up with this blog.  Maybe!