Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

Just Staying Warm!

The past two days have been fun for this Texan family!  An Oklahoma blizzard dropped quite a few inches of snow at our house.  Yesterday, Jonathan and I took turns taking Nicholas out to play in the snow. He..wait..I mean "We" had a blast.  Today it has been way too cold to venture out (about 9 degrees) and Nicholas has developed a yucky asthmatic cough.  But is was fun while it lasted!

Things have been going pretty good around here.  Timothy is changing everyday!  Nicholas is doing great and learning lots of things in preschool.  I think he knows how to spell every basic color now!  He's still into Cars, Toy Story, Handy Manny, and now monster trucks (Jonathan took him to a monster truck show last weekend).  

We miss everyone and hope you all stay warm and toasty as winter comes to a close.