Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New House, New City, New Baby, New Beginnings....Coming Soon

   Last week we spent a few days in Duncan house hunting.  Strangely enough, the housing market there is defying the rest of the country and is actually doing quite well.  So there wasn't much to choose from and we had to act fast. We fell in love with an older home in a beautiful subdivision.  Even though, I swore up and down that this time we would not buy an old house!  What can I say?  I just like character.  I won't be posting pics of the house because it isn't legal!  But, lets just say I'm very happy with our choice.  Now we just need to pray that the perfect person comes along and wants to buy our Corpus house.  Nicholas and I are rather fond of Jonathan and really don't want to live apart from him any longer than necessary.
    It wouldn't be a blog post without new Nicholas pics, so the first picture is in honor of St. Patty's Day.  The next few pictures are of Nicholas outside being himself.  Notice the tools in the back of  his "motorcycle".  Yes, the tricycle is NOT a bike it is a motorcycle and anyone who says differently has to answer to Nicholas!