Saturday, May 22, 2010

All Moved In

So it's been forever since my last blog post.  Life has been a little hectic for the Smith family the last month.  We moved from Texas to Oklahoma, stayed with Jonathan's very generous grandparents almost 3 weeks, then last Thursday we closed and moved into our new home.  It's been hectic but well worth it.  We LOVE our new house. Nicholas spends his days running from one end of the house to the other, playing in the sand box, and riding his "motorcycle" around the massive driveway. It's been a blast! We look around every night feeling so blessed that God has been so generous to us.

Tomorrow, I will be 6 months pregnant!  I have to say the second time around has gone by sooo fast.  Only 3 months to go and little Timothy will arrive.  Jonathan and Nicholas put his crib together the other night.  Now Nicholas asks about a million baby questions a day. I think he's getting a little excited about being a big brother.

The first picture is our last family shot taken in our Corpus house.

The next is the happy couple in our new backyard.

Next pic, is Jonathan and Nick at Granny and Papaw White's house.

Then we have Nicholas and his new buddy Brendan Conway.  They are so funny together.  It is "literally" monkey-see monkey-do with those two.

Finally, Nicholas in his sandbox.