Monday, December 13, 2010

No Time to Blog!

I am finding out that having two kids, especially one infant, is a whole lot different than just one!  I barely have time to get dressed, let alone sit down to write a few lines on the blog.  But lucky for me, right now Timothy is peacefully napping and Nicholas is watching Handy Manny! 

The kids are growing up so fast. Nicholas is reciting books, riding his bike, and is starting to spell words!  He loves preschool and claims to have a new "girlfriend" every week!  Timothy is laughing and is so close to rolling over!

We are trying to get adjusted to this cold Oklahoma weather after living in South Texas for 5 years.  Nicholas is hoping for snow!  We will see if a white Christmas is coming our way!


Here are a few cute Christmas pictures for your entertainment!  Merry Christmas from the Smith's and a happy new year!