Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Changes Coming Soon

Hello Everyone!  So many things are happening so fast it's been hard to keep up!  First of all, for those of you who havent heard, we have a new baby on the way!  The due date is September 12.  I went to the doctor today and everything looks great.  The heartbeat is strong and all is well! I'm almost 3 months along.  We are sooo excited!  It will be fun to have both their birthdays in the same month.  I told Nicholas there was a baby inside Mommy's tummy and he was going to be a big brother.  His response was "It will be a boy baby, E's baby".  So there you have his prediction.  The only baby experience he has is with his friend Ethan's baby brother.  So of course the baby has to be like E's baby!  It's too funny the way his mind works!  Heres a pic of Nicholas and baby E having a

The next big change possibly heading our way is that we may be moving to Duncan, Ok very very soon.  This is all work related of course, but I won't go into any details just yet!  I will just say that if we move I will miss my friends and church family here more than words can express.  However, I want to be where God has planned for us to be, so whatever the decision, I will know that it is the right one! I hope that sentence made sense.  Anyway, my Mom and Papaw were here this past weekend and Nicholas kept saying he wanted a cowboy hat just like Papaw's!  Well of course, Gigi aka my mom, went down to Cavendars and bought him one his own size. Except now the child will barely take it off his head! I have to bribe him not to wear it when we go out!  His Da-do said Nicholas is just preparing to be an Oklahoma Cowboy.  Maybe he is right.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nicholas is well again!

After almost two weeks of everyone taking turns being sick, we are all well again. Yesterday I got Nicholas out of the house and took him to storytime at the library and to eat at Mcdonalds.  He was like a caged tiger being freed from the zoo!  It was so refreshing to watch him have some fun at last.  This morning he woke up  ready to go to Rainbow School.  He told me "we are going to sing Mickey Mouse and Jesus Loves Me and I so excited Mommy"!  

On a darker note, a dangerous new ailment has come over Nicholas.  It is called the TERRIBLE TWO'S!  Nicholas is now under the impression that he is in charge of the household and spends his days pitching fits and trying to overthrow the government in power AKA Jonathan and myself.  For example, if he goes to the time out chair the rule is that he must apologize before he can get up.  So one of us will go and say "ok Nicholas tell me your'e sorry and you can get up"  to which he shakes his head and says "NO"!  He would rather sit in that chair 20 minutes than apologize!  He has a huge stubborn streak!  Jonathan and Mom say that he gets this from me.  Of course, I don't believe that for a minute! So pray for our sanity as we deal with temper tantrums this week.  Nicholas is such a blessing in so many ways that I will take the terrible twos, as long as he still gives lots of sweet hugs and kisses to make up for them!   

I've also included a sick picture and a happy Nicholas picture.  In the happy picture he has his tool box and work gloves on.  He thinks he is Mr. Fix It!