Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Buzz and Woody

Around the Smith house it is Toy Story talk all the time!  Nicholas loved the movie and loves to play with his "Buzz and Woody" toys even more.  The other night at dinner he announced that "I am going to be Woody for Halloween and Timothy has to be Buzz Lightyear"!  It was really funny because Halloween is months away and who knows why he was thinking about costumes over dinner?  Anyway, being the loving Mommy that I am,  I actually ordered Nicholas' Woody costume and (sigh) Timothy's baby Buzz Lightyear costume the next day.  I can't believe I'm going to dress up my little newborn as Buzz!  The costumes haven't come in yet, but Nicholas is anxiously waiting on the Post Lady everyday to see if she brings them!  In the meantime, he is improvising as you can see from the pictures!

We have a little over 8 weeks till Timothy arrives.  We've finally got the nursery finished (pics to come soon)!  All that's missing is the baby!  So the countdown begins! Baby Buzz Lightyear is on the way.  To infinity and beyond into the world of boys. I'm probably not prepared for this :)

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